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Conclusion: The levonorgestrel intrauterine system was better than norethisterone with marked clinical benefit of profound reduction in menstrual blood loss.
Thus, transvaginal ultrasound and assessment of whole pelvis, even in the presence of intrauterine pregnancy can be an important aid in the diagnosis of HP.
Trans cesarean intrauterine device was inserted through open uterine incision with the help of a rings forceps and left at fundus.
Intrauterine and especially ectopic pregnancies are important complications of intrauterine contraception.
Rosenblatt, "Complete and partial uterine perforation and embedding following insertion of intrauterine devices," Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey, vol.
Effect of drug systemic and intrauterine administration of drug pn endometritis in cow.
Ninety-four ASA physical status I-II (American Society of Anesthesiologist's classification for risk of anesthesia according to underlying diseases) nulliparous women with primary infertility aged 18-40 years old and scheduled for diagnostic hysteroscopy were randomly allocated into one of two groups: intrauterine lidocaine instillation or rectal diclofenac.
Some invasive procedures like intrauterine device insertion are done in these centers which require sterile equipment to provide safe and quality services to patients.
Among women who already are ovulating and simply have unexplained infertility, it would appear that use of either clomiphene or gonadotropin injections would be the preferred means of stimulating the ovary prior to intrauterine insemination.
The case report describes successful removal of misplaced Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) from urinary bladder.
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