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INVENTIntelligenter Verkehr und. Nutzergerechte Technik (German: Intelligent Traffic and User-Friendly Technology)
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Young men are fitter to invent, than to judge; fitter for execution, than for counsel; and fitter for new projects, than for settled business.
reason teaching us that want would make us first invent that which was necessary, and, when that was obtained, then those things which were requisite for the conveniences and ornament of life), so should we conclude the same with respect to a political state; now everything in Egypt bears the marks of the most remote antiquity, for these people seem to be the most ancient of all others, and to have acquired laws and political order; we should therefore make a proper use of what is told us of them, and endeavour to find out what they have omitted.
It took six thousand years to invent propellers and screws; so we have time enough yet.
He did not know in the least what had made him invent that pathetic story, but he was quite as unhappy as though it had been true.
I appeal to Miss Wyvil to invent a pleasure which will include the secretary.
If then these Selenites have existed their hundreds of thousands of years, and if their brain is of the same organization of the human brain, they have already invented all that we have invented, and even what we may invent in future ages.
But, child, dear child," said the aunt, "be reasonable; can you invent a single objection?
But intriguing people have to invent a noxious, dangerous party.
Lofting invents fantastic animals he gives them a kind of credible possibility which is extraordinarily convincing.
In addition to Sanguine BioSciences, which supplies DNA data and bio-specimen to research organizations for the development of personalized medicines, Invent has also developed Virurl Inc.
Cubify Invent combines the power of professional design software with intuitive, free tutorials that make learning fun and easy.