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The Englishman, standing over the prostrate figure of the dead man, watched the door with drawn weapon, expecting momentarily to hear the rush of feet of those whom he was sure would immediately investigate the report of the pistol.
When Smith-Oldwick turned to investigate his hiding place, his hands, groping upon the rear wall, immediately came in contact with the wooden panels of a door and a bolt such as that which secured the door of the outer room.
Hassan said there was a need to investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged double registration by the governor with a view to ensuring that the country's electoral process was credible.
He said the body he would create to investigate the Ombudsman would be similar to the independent board of inquiry, Agrava Commission.
Ali Ahmeti maybe doesn't know that we are not a party prosecution so that he can ask from us to investigate or not to investigate someone.
According to a statement from the Home Department in Quetta, the provincal capital , the two tribunals would work in Khuzdar and Makran districts to investigate the murder cases of a number of journalists, naming those responsible and recommending measures to prevent such murders of journalists in the future.
If it's of low value, the costs to investigate would outweigh the cost of the item stolen.
N)either the testimony of the deputies nor any other evidence showed that the deputies learned of appellant's parole status within the time period reasonably necessary to investigate and act upon the license-plate problem that led them to stop appellant's car," the ruling said.
To investigate the effect of arsenic on vasoconstriction, we treated the aortic rings with arsenic or the vehicle (saline) in minimum essential media (MEM) with 100 U/mL penicillin and 100 [micro]g/mL streptomycin in a 95% air/5% C[O.
Investigate the process of formation of cellulose nanofibrils, including genetic, biochemical, cellular, and biophysical regulation (see Figure 1).
Human Rights Watch and other groups are also calling for Congress to appoint an independent commission, similar to the 9/11 one, to investigate the torture scandal.
The British Charities Commission has said it wants to investigate the allegations.
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