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IRATEInternational Radio Action Training Education (Berkeley, CA)
IRATEInfinite Rebellion Against the Establishment (band and album)
IRATEIsland Residents Against Toxic Environments
IRATEIndigenous Resistance against Tribal Extinction (Maine)
IRATEInterim Remote Area Terminal Equipment
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This woman, largely built, middle-aged, and too irate to comprehend, clutched Mary's hair by one hand and lifted the other to smack her.
My husband had to pass an irate lady every afternoon last session who said nothing else, I imagine.
Geoffrey took a turn on the terrace--considered a little--stopped--and looked at the porch under which the irate widow had disappeared from his view.
Monsieur Rigaud sometimes stopped, as if he were going to put his case in a new light, or make some irate remonstrance; but Signor Cavalletto continuing to go slowly to and fro at a grotesque kind of jog-trot pace with his eyes turned downward, nothing came of these inclinings.
I felt a liking for him and a compassion for him as he put his little kit in his pocket--and with it his desire to stay a little while with Caddy--and went away good-humouredly to his cold mutton and his school at Kensington, that made me scarcely less irate with his father than the censorious old lady.
Hassan and Saliku tried in vain to calm the irate villagers but they would hear none of their pleas.
New York [USA], Dec 3 ( ANI ): At least one person was killed and three others injured after an irate driver mowed down a group of people outside a Queens hookah bar in New York City on Sunday morning.
Make no mistake, I and many other cyclists would happily pay some extra form of tax if we were guaranteed facilities like our civilised European neighbours enjoy rather than mixing it on our dangerous roads with Irate Motorists.
In the report, referee Oliver Langford said: "At the end of the game as we left the field as a team of match officials we were confronted by an irate Mr Paul Ince.
Mr Irate, though, was getting agitated because his eventual destination was so close to airport number two - and we'd been told we could only disembark at airport number one.
At the time of reporting it was not known whether the lawsuit was granted class action status but if it has, then Apple risks facing millions of irate iPad owners in the court-room.