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IRGIndependent Regulators Group (EU)
IRGInitial Review Group
IRGInter-Record Gap
IRGImpôt Sur Le Revenu Global (French: Income Tax Global)
IRGInternationale des Résistants À La Guerre (French: War Resisters International)
IRGIdea Resource Group
IRGInformation Routing Group
IRGInteragency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management
IRGInterdepartmental Regional Group
IRGInertial Rate Gyro
IRGInsurance Rating Group
IRGIraqi Republican Guard
IRGInternational Rice Genebank
IRGInteractive Research Group
IRGInfinity Resource Group (Berwyn, PA)
IRGInterest Rate Guarantee
IRGImage Resource Group (Columbia, SC)
IRGInternal Research Grant (higher education)
IRGInsight Research Group (New York, NY)
IRGInternational Resources Group
IRGInternational Research Grant
IRGIntegrated Review Group
IRGInsurance Research Group
IRGInternational Research Group (various organizations)
IRGImmunology Research Group (University of Calgary)
IRGImaging Research Group
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IRG licenses to third parties the right to manufacture and sell prepared food products under the Baton Rouge, Pizza Delight, Scores and Toujours Mikes brands.
The IRG will be established for an initial period until 30 June 2017 and will consist of five members, two of which will be appointed by the Northern Territory Government and three to represent the broader industry selected through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.
During 2014, IRG ran a series of Carrier ID Tours at major industry events, highlighting products and technology provided by its members to transmit, detect, and decode Carrier ID.
The yHH was previously involved in the rescue of kidnapped journalists and IRG agents, and the FSA is concerned about the yHH's activities.
According to researcher Emanuel Ottolenghi, the IRG remains the final arbiter of power.
Satellite IRG has made some great achievements in recent years with its carrier ID initiatives and has brought many industry leaders on board.
IRG is a corporate communications firm based in New York City.
In its discussion of the Russian consumer market, IRG offered two ideas that would explain the stability of Russian retail.
O'Connor is quick to point out that the other members of the executive staff at IRG are not a behind-the-scenes group.
IRG completed its purchase of the 61-year-old campuson Friday, according to a news release from the company.
IRG licenses to third parties the right to manufacture and sell prepared food products under the BA[cent sign]ton Rouge, Pizza Delight, Scores and Toujours Mikes brands.
an IRG Checklist that details major tasks across the life cycle of an incident; and an Incident Briefing (ICS-201) form which could serve as the Action Plan for the