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IRGIndependent Regulators Group (EU)
IRGInitial Review Group
IRGInter-Record Gap
IRGImpôt Sur Le Revenu Global (French: Income Tax Global)
IRGInternationale des Résistants À La Guerre (French: War Resisters International)
IRGIdea Resource Group
IRGInformation Routing Group
IRGInteragency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management
IRGInterdepartmental Regional Group
IRGInertial Rate Gyro
IRGInsurance Rating Group
IRGIraqi Republican Guard
IRGInternational Rice Genebank
IRGInteractive Research Group
IRGInfinity Resource Group (Berwyn, PA)
IRGInterest Rate Guarantee
IRGImage Resource Group (Columbia, SC)
IRGInternal Research Grant (higher education)
IRGInsight Research Group (New York, NY)
IRGInternational Resources Group
IRGInternational Research Grant
IRGIntegrated Review Group
IRGInsurance Research Group
IRGInternational Research Group (various organizations)
IRGImmunology Research Group (University of Calgary)
IRGImaging Research Group
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We have already had a wide range of tenants show interest in the project, building momentum and setting the stage for an exciting future unfolding at the property," said John Mase, Chief Executive Officer of IRG.
The goal is to develop IRGs that support regional public health and medical incident
Martin Coleman, IRG's new executive director and president of Colem Communications, disclosed that IRG will continue its practical initiatives of establishing carrier ID, training & certification and type approvals, while increasing its support of other major groups such as the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and the World Broadcasting Union's International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG).
Alamo Energy has outlined a set of initiatives for 2010, and we believe that IRG will have a great story to tell to the investment community and the media at large," said Allan Millmaker, Chief Executive Officer.
IRG is a financial advisory and investment firm focused on the core growth sectors in Asia with particular emphasis on the telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) sectors.
O'Connor is quick to point out that the other members of the executive staff at IRG are not a behind-the-scenes group.
IRG's partnership with URRC provides IRG with access to URRC's proprietary UnPET[R] food-grade PET recycling technology.
Optical designers can now use one of the industry s top infrared glasses IRG on standard industry software to design a wide variety of components and systems for surveillance, imaging, and sensing systems for the growing list of applications and uses in the defense, consumer, industrial medical, and biotechnology markets.
We are excited to partner with Rio Vista Universal and Ray Iddings to produce our new IHRA Nitro Jam show," stated Jason Rittenberry, CEO of IRG Sports + Entertainment.
Edward Rubin, Rodman & Renshaw's CEO said, "Having worked with Dian and the IRG team at various times throughout its long history, we have experienced first-hand their professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm.
Vector Security President and CEO Pam Petrow will take on leadership accountability over IRG and Vector Security.
The acquisition of IRG leads the groundwork for business intelligence offerings and the expansion of services that provide turnkey solutions for retailers and multisite businesses.