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ISO[not an acronym] common short name for the International Organization for Standardization; also see Iso- prefix
ISOInternational Standards Organization (common, but incorrect)
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISOInternational Student Organization
ISOIsolation (sports play-calling, especially basketball)
ISOIsolated Power (baseball statistic)
ISOInternational Socialist Organization
ISOInterstedelijk Studenten Overleg (Netherlands student organization)
ISOIstanbul Sanayi Odasi
ISOInstallation Safety Office
ISOIsolierverglasung (German: insulating glass)
ISOIntraseasonal Oscillation
ISOInternational Society of Organbuilders
ISOIsochronal Inspection (USAF; scheduled maintenance for aircraft)
ISOInspection of Supplies
ISOIntermarket Sweep Order (finance)
ISOKinston, NC, USA (Airport Code)
ISOImaging Spectrometric Observatory
ISOImperial Symphony Orchestra
ISOImpuesto de Solidaridad (Guatemala)
ISOIsrael Symphony Orchestra (est. 1988)
ISOIsochronical Inspection (USAF; phase of aircraft maintenance)
ISOIntelligence and Security Office(r)
ISOInternational Satellite Organization
ISOInstitutional Support Office
ISOInstallation Support Office
ISOInstallation Supply Officer
ISOInternet Sales Outlet
ISOOpen System Interfacing
ISOIstanbul Sanayi Odasý (Turkish: Istanbul Chamber of Industy)
ISOIndependent Scholar Option
ISOImmigrant Serving Organization (Canada)
ISOInternational Switch Operations
ISOInterservice Support Office
ISOInsurance Services Office, Inc. (CMSP and PLSP statistics are reported to this rate making organization)
ISOIndian Student Organization
ISOInsurance Service Organization
ISOInspection of Services
ISOInstead Of
ISOIntegration Staff Officer
ISOImamia Students Organization (Pakistan)
ISOImperial Service Order
ISOIn Support Of
ISOIncentive Stock Option
ISOIndependent System Operator
ISOIndianapolis Symphony Orchestra
ISOIndustry Standards Organization (IEEE-ISTO)
ISOInformation Systems Office
ISOInformation Systems Officer
ISOInfrared Space Observatory
ISOInformation Security Officer
ISOIntensive Supervision Officer
ISOInvestors in Software (association)
ISOIndependent Sales Organization
ISOIndependent Service Organization
ISOIllinois Symphony Orchestra
ISOIntermediary Services Organization
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3 Metric structure and extension properties of isometric operators between unit spheres
The Pearson's product-moment correlation method was used to investigate the relationship between each variable of height (Ht) and weight (Wt) and the following variables: maximal isometric quadriceps strength (MQS), maximal isometric hamstrings strength (MHS) and hamstrings-quadriceps strength ratio (H/QR).
For example, with Bentley's Designer for Piping Passport Subscription (OpenPlant), individual piping designers gain access to Bentley OpenPlant Modeler, Bentley OpenPlant Isometrics Manager, ProSteel Modeler, ProjectWise Passport, and ProjectWise Clash Resolution Visa - plus complete virtual training - for the single annual fee of $5,995.
SmartPlant Spoolgen and SmartPlant Isometrics are unique products on the market when it comes to importing PCF files (Piping Component File describing pipelines), including both the geometry of pipelines (isometrics) and bill of materials (BOM).
These exercises included features such as: modifying the angle of pull (Figure 1d) and incorporating isometric cable holds in a bent over position in; neck extension (Figure 1e) and left and right lateral flexion (Figure 1f).
Of course, two-minute holds aren't the only way to get a good isometric workout.
The mean of the RMS value generated in the muscles during the isometric contraction was reconstructed in a dispersion graph, and had an associated required torque with weights of 2, 4, 6, and 8 kg.
they may learn more through the opportunity to attempt more complex isometric drawings than the teacher may have selected.
Isometric exercise is defined as a muscle contraction in which the length of the muscle remains unchanged while the tension increases.
Key words: arthroplasty, biomechanical performance, hip replacement, hip strength, isometric performance, muscle strength, osteoarthritis, physical therapy, rehabilitation, strength deficit.
The first titled, Customize Your AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometric Configuration will take a hands-on approach to customization of isometric drawing output from AutoCAD Plant 3D software.
The American Heart Association (AHA) issued a statement in support of aerobic exercise, resistance or strength training, and isometric hand grip exercises to lower high blood pressure (hypertension).