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ISOSIP (Internet Protocol) Service Operating System
ISOSIn Search of Sunrise (Dj Tiesto song)
ISOSIllinois Secretary of State
ISOSIowa Secretary of State (Des Moines, IA)
ISOSIn Search Of Space
ISOSInspection Service Operation Support (US Postal Service)
ISOSIntercall Switch Operating System
ISOSInstitute for State Organisational Sciences (Vietnam)
ISOSInvitation to Submit Outline Solution (UK)
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They do make a lot of noise, and they sure look fierce practicing their pump-action isosceles point.
c) The isosceles triangle case: we select O = (0,0), B = (2, 5), and A = (5,2), as shown in Figure 4(c).
This figure shows the axial velocity contours at Re = 500 for all configurations (Baseline, Flat RVG, isosceles VGs with attack angles [alpha] = 5[degrees], 10[degrees], 15[degrees], 25[degrees] 35[degrees] and 45[degrees]) tested in this work.
2006) investigated turbulent natural convection in an air-filled isosceles triangular enclosure for wintertime conditions where the base wall is maintained at 20[degrees]C (68[degrees]F) and inclined walls are maintained at 0[degrees]C (32[degrees]F).
They also started with isosceles triangles, which was a popular approach in half of all the groups.
It indicates that the localization accuracy based on square topologic structure is higher than that isosceles triangle topologic structure in Fig.
Sj] and also size scale of the hollowed isosceles triangle of [S.
Therefore, [DELTA]AJG is a right isosceles triangle and [bar.
2 mm between the top slot and the isosceles trapezoid patch below.
When you open up the plate, you should have six isosceles triangles and three diameters.
To demonstrate main idea most clearly isosceles trapezoid shape [6] was selected because even this simple shape already shows many advantages compared to square pulse.
Each FinGripper finger looks like an elongated isosceles triangle with a series of slats running between the two long sides.