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ISSEIInternational Society for the Study of European Ideas (University of Helsinki, Finland)
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Ayukawa's nicely written study adds to a growing trend in scholarship on Japanese immigrant history in North America in its conceptualization of the Issei as a heterogeneous immigrant group, rather than a monolithic one.
His Issei grandmothers had passed away; his grandfathers had moved back to Japan and disconnected from the younger generations.
Jitterbugs, hep-cats and just plain hard working war workers have replaced the nervous Nisei, the shrinking Issei and the intolerant Kibei.
Issei Sagawa fancied eating western meals, but he didn't mean fish and chips.
ISSEI SAGAWA, 52, is the only known cannibal not in prison, and is a minor celebrity in Japan.
Roaming the streets of Japan right now, free to go where he chooses, is a real-life Hannibal called Issei Sagawa.
Mary calls this homesickness an Issei (first generation) longing.
Second-generation Japanese-Americans began Nisei Week in 1935 as a way to honor the issei, or first-generation Japanese immigrants to the United States.
Overall, the core of O'Brien and Fugita's book involves integrating the story of a century (1885-1985) of the Japanese American experience in America, by studying three generations of descendants: Issei, Nissei and Sansei.
Nitto Tire recently played an important role during a busy mid-April weekend of fund-raising events for the museum, which features exhibits covering more than 130 years of Japanese-American history, back to the first Issei generation.
State Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Issei Kitagawa made remarks when visiting Director-General of the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) Sheikh Dr.
My position is therefore different from other prefectural governors," said Fukui Governor Issei Nishikava.