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ITCHYIncremental Truncation for the Creation of Hybrid Enzymes
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For individual symptoms, PATANASE(R) nasal spray was superior to NASONEX(a) nasal spray at a majority of time points for stuffy nose, runny nose and itchy nose.
Itchy, red, streaming eyes and an itchy, streaming nose, mostly in spring and early summer.
The Record told earlier this month how Robert, left, received a phone bill addressed to "Mr Itchy Bawbag".
Although the clothes were very itchy, and I've grown to love cotton, I think I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Itchy has green eyes and likes eating tuna, salmon, chicken and anything else as long as it's meat.
SYMPTOMS: Causes an itchy, red, raised rash on skin (right).
Adler and Jeff Altman uncovered an outbreak of the disease when seven mud-wrestlers showed up the day following the event complaining of an itchy, pus-containing rash on their arms and legs.
But one bothersome aspect of winter weather is dry, itchy skin.
025%), indicated for the temporary prevention of itchy eyes due to allergic conjunctivitis, for OTC use.
Q I NOTICED an itchy, black mole on my back last month and the nurse at work said it was a harmless cyst.
As trees let loose a barrage of pre-spring pollen, Los Angeles residents flocked to pharmacies and doctors offices, seeking remedies for runny noses, reddened eyes and itchy hives.
A flowering plant closely related to the lily may cause an itchy, red hand rash for some floral industry workers and increase the risk of allergic skin reactions among the 45,000 people in the United States who work with the popular plant, called Alstroemeria.