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JJapan (soccer league)
JJet (aircraft type)
JJulia (song)
JJoint (bank account)
JJoint (slang for marijuana)
JBusiness Class
JImpulse (physics)
JJoule (unit of energy)
JJabber (Cisco)
JPostage Due (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
JWestern Quebec (postal code designation, Canada)
JOut of City (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
jImaginary unit
JAngular Momentum Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
JFederal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
JJaeger Notation (ophthalmology; size of type used in testing vision)
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But to be a town councilor and discuss how many dustmen are needed, and how chimneys shall be constructed in the town in which I don't live--to serve on a jury and try a peasant who's stolen a flitch of bacon, and listen for six hours at a stretch to all sorts of jabber from the counsel for the defense and the prosecution, and the president cross-examining my old half-witted Alioshka, 'Do you admit, prisoner in the dock, the fact of the removal of the
It works by converting the Cisco Jabber instant message into an SMS text that can be delivered via the wireless network.
Tango Networks is introducing mobile messaging for Cisco Jabber at Cisco Live, Cisco's annual IT and communications conference.
Webb Interactive Services, located in Denver, Colorado is an investor in Jabber, Inc.
Evans saw potential for a commercial version of Miller's protocol, and Jabber Inc.
NET and AJAX enable developers to quickly and easily add presence and messaging to existing applications," said Joe Hildebrand, chief technology officer of Jabber.
By giving back to the hand that once fed us, and providing free access to its enhanced version of Java-based Jabberbeans, Antepo wants to reinvigorate previous initiatives that have fallen short in bringing Jabber to developers who, like Antepo, believe in the flexibility of Java to deploy high-quality enterprise and carrier-class software", Jean-Louis Seguineau, Chief Technology Officer of Antepo says.
The Jabber XCP multi-protocol presence server allows ooVoo users to immediately see the presence of a friend or colleague online and click-to-video call, click-to-instant message, or start a group chat, ensuring a high-quality experience for video, voice, and chat messaging to its customers.
The Jabber Communications Platform is a robust software platform for instant messaging and presence-enabled applications and services.
The latest enhancements to Jabber XCP are in line with our technical vision to build the most extensible, secure, scalable, and interoperable presence and messaging platform available," said Joe Hildebrand, chief technology officer of Jabber.
Providing Jabber Communications Platform drivers for the wireless functionality of Oracle9i Application Server seamlessly extends Internet instant messaging applications to mobile devices, a necessity for our mutual customers.
Webb Interactive Services located in Denver, Colorado is the parent company of Jabber, Inc.