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JAJunior Achievement
JAJapanese American
JAJewelers of America
JAJane's Addiction (band)
JAJennifer Aniston (actress)
JAJagged Alliance (computer game)
JAJefferson Airplane (band)
JAJane Austen
JAJuvenile Arthritis
JAJedi Academy (Star Wars)
JAJudge Advocate
JAJohnston Atoll (virus)
JAJohn Alexander (Australian tennis champion)
JAJasmonic Acid (plant growth regulator)
JAJewish Agency
JAJob Analysis
JAJoint Appendix (US courts)
JAJust Asking
JAAir Bosna (airline code)
JAJustice Administration (education degree/major)
JAJesus Army
JAJack Adapter
JAJournal Asiatique
JAJump If Above
JAJump Address
JAJusticia Ambiental
JAJob Alliance
JAJoint Affairs
JAJetevator Assembly
JAJustified Arsons (gaming clan)
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And you" - to the other - "are correctly described as a jackass.
To solve this seemingly unfixable situation, the husband and wife duo developed Jackass Parking Chalk and an associated social sharing platform.
In New Zealand Herald's front page on Monday was a picture of late Jackass star Ryan Dunn who passed away in a car crash in 2011.
His work with his Jackass pals remains his first love.
Verdict: Unlike the Dirty Sanchez boys, whose antics are designed primarily to disgust, the Jackass crew possess a certain sweetness and boyish charm.
The Welsh answer to Jackass, Dirty Sanchez are four lads who, put simply, hurt themselves for money, first on MTV no won film.
pPOLICE launched an investigation yesterday after a boy suffered serious burns while mimicking a stunt he had seen on Jackass.
The Jackass tour, which so far has taken in Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham, will stop off in Cardiff before ending in London.
For the majority of the time the Jackass gang downed lager and banged their heads to the ultra-loud heavy metal music which blasted out for the full 90 minutes.
With a worldwide fan base, it's clear that JACKASS has created its own category of entertainment that needs no translation," stated Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment.
The video footage also appears to show Steve-O, who shot to fame through zany stunts in the Jackass show, announcing he was "putting his foot down".
The court heard that when police asked Black why he had got involved in the game, he said: "Stupidness, watching too many Jackass movies.