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JAGGJoint Air & Ground Glove (pocket where all services work together during a Joint Air & Ground Opersations)
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Jaggs said all companies should establish formal social media policies to meet their organizations' needs, even if it's just to establish defensibility in the event of a liability claim.
Mr Braham said Jaggs, left, had the same privileges in life as his beautiful daughter but the depraved killer "spat in the face of everyone who had given him his advantages".
Jaggs is set to appear before Harrow magistrates today.
Jaggs, an Oxford undergraduate, was taken to hospital after the incident with life-threatening injuries after apparently stabbing himself.
It is believed Lucy, whose father is Harrow art director, and Jaggs, son of a design teacher, knew each other but they were never in a relationship.
As her parents spoke of their grief it also emerged that just weeks before, Jason and Julienne had warned Jaggs to stay away from Lucy because he had become obsessed with her.
The family spoke out as police waited to question William Jaggs, 22, suspected of stabbing Lucy at her home near pounds 24,825-a-year Harrow School in north-west London, where her father is art director.
Geoff Jaggs, curriculum area manager, said: "I'm amazed at the work people have put in on this project.
Steve Jaggs of Pinewood Studios blames much of the slowdown on a hangover from Hollywood's pre-strike frenzy.
Henry Jaggs feels you'd have to go a long way to find a better manager than Ian Blackman of Coral
Keeper of the Clock Steve Jaggs said: "To keep the clock ticking we must take time to thoroughly restore it.