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JAMBJoint Admission and Matriculation Board (Nigeria)
JAMBJapanese Association for Mathematical Biology
JAMBJoint Air Movements Board
JAMBJoint Acquisition Management Board
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His Majesty then dismissed Jellia Jamb and the Soldier with the Green Whiskers, and when they were gone he took his new friend by the arm and led him into the courtyard to play a game of quoits.
It perplexed even Jellia Jamb, for a time, to know what to do with the animal.
Patricia Mullen, President of Builders Site Protection, believes that both products' toughness is chiefly among the reasons they are being featured on this project, “RamBoard and Jamb Guard are quickly installed, and provide excellent surface protection.
Attach one end of the chain to the door and the other to the top jamb (Photo 3).
Door Jamb Armor Installation: Leonard Shelton, Savannah Square
Prior to the establishment of JAMB in 1978, each university was responsible for the conduct of its own concessional examination and admitted its own students.
5 Next fit the door stop down the jamb casing and make sure the doorstop fits tightly as it will take the weight of the door closing.
The window's 3-1/4" jamb size makes it a good replacement for older wood windows in buildings whose owners desire to upgrade.
JAMB system of admission into higher institutions particularly the first generation universities (Ibadan, Ife, Lagos, Zaria, Nsukka and Benin) is classified into three broad categories:
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Four years ago, the Dutch government adjusted building codes to increase the standard door jamb measurement to 7 feet, 6 inches high.
The Visions ELS[TM] premium vinyl window line by Weather Shield Windows and Doors, feature a solid 4-9/16" jamb with a built-in brick mould and optional integral nailing fin.