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JEEPG-P from the military General Purpose vehicle
JEEPJust Enough Education to Perform (Stereophonics album)
JEEPJoint Ethics Enforcement Program (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
JEEPJoint Emergency Evacuation Plan
JEEPJobs and Education Empowerment Project
JEEPJoint Environmental Effects Program
JEEPJust Educated Enough to Pass
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The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Night blends ultimate performance with a premium black appearance that includes a unique black roof and lightweight performance wheels.
It is basically only one of its kind in the world I think Ford and Willy's Jeep rally, which is original left hand drive petrol engine.
Euro Camp Jeep is an annual event which allows Jeep aficionados and their families to explore a full range of activities and experiences with fellow Jeep fans.
Here's something that the Jeep Compass and its platform mates have led to: Chrysler will be running the plant three shifts.
The Jeep brand, now owned by the DaimlerChrysler Corporation, has sponsored what it calls ``ownership gatherings'' in other parts of the country for a decade, but this was the first Camp Jeep on the West Coast.
Take your pick of any recent Jeep commercial-the stereotypical Wrangler, say, perched on the edge of a precipitous canyon at sunset-and you have a snapshot not only of modern 4X4 marketing but of the somewhat dreamy soul of an entire nation.
Zeng Qinghong said, "The roll out of the Chinese-produced Jeep Cherokee is a major step in the deepened cooperation between the GAC Group and the FCA Group.
The Jeep customer continues to evolve, looking for more and more premium content in the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Commander, and now we think there is even a market for luxury leather seating in the Jeep Wrangler," said Thomas Hausch, Vice President -- International Sales, Chrysler LLC.
Detectives Mike McPheeters and Dan Stanley were the first to spot the Jeep and chased the suspects through a residential area to Innsbruck Point Court.