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JOBJump on Board
JOBJust Over Broke
JOBJob Opportunity Bulletin
JOBJust Off Broadway
JOBJack of Blades (fable character)
JOBJob Opportunities for the Blind
JOBJoint Operating Body
JOBJunk on the Bunk
JOBJoint Oversight Board (ANSI term)
JOBJoint Operations Board
JOBJSS Operations Board (US DoD)
JoBJacks or Better (poker)
JOBJournal of Organizational Behavior (John Wiley & Sons)
JOBJava Open Business
References in classic literature ?
Pyncheon's message, the carpenter merely tarried to finish a small job, which he happened to have in hand, and then took his way towards the House of the Seven Gables.
We'll do that 'dangerous' job after I've spied around a little and think things look well for it.
Philip was put on the job regularly, but he could not accustom himself to the publicity; and he dreaded Friday morning, on which the window was dressed, with a terror that made him awake at five o'clock and lie sleepless with sickness in his heart.
I doubt whether you'll get Job Rowsell to shift before mid-day.
You're paid for it, and you ain't got the backbone to rustle cleaner jobs.
A job was to them a golden fetich before which they fell down and worshipped.
You give me that bow-wow, and I'll smash Hanson right now, and you got the job right away--come to work in the morning.
It was a fierce battle, for Drummond was a large man and an athlete, but the crowd finally jumped on his ribs, walked on his face, and stamped on his fingers, so that it was only after lying in bed for a week that he was able to get up and look for another job.
He had been warned by the superintendent not to tell me, and in telling me he was risking his job.
There never was such an impatient man born as old Job Taylor over harbor.
There was Job Rudkin, son of widow Rudkin, the most bustling woman in the parish.
And that's what he meant by saying I'd done the gladdest job of all--to-day.