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JJapan (soccer league)
JJet (aircraft type)
JJulia (song)
JJoint (slang for marijuana)
JJoint (bank account)
JBusiness Class
JImpulse (physics)
JJoule (unit of energy)
JJabber (Cisco)
JPostage Due (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
JWestern Quebec (postal code designation, Canada)
JOut of City (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
JImaginary unit
JAngular Momentum Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
JFederal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
JJaeger Notation (ophthalmology; size of type used in testing vision)
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Prior to joining Spectrum Skanska, she served as director of conferences and expositions at Pennwell Publishing Corporation.
Prior to joining Insignia/ ESO, he worked at his own company, BOI Commercial Realty, participating in transactions valued at more than $10 million.
Prior to joining Winding Creek, Dearani directed successful sales and marketing programs at several high-end communities in New York and Northern New Jersey.
Prior to joining Brown Harris Stevens, Wierbowski was head of her own firm, which specialized in the sales of Downtown residential properties.
Prior to joining Continental Properties, Zurheide served in a similar capacity with The Kalian Companies.
Prior to joining the company, Shire worked as a management and leasing agent for Post Properties, Inc.
Prior to joining Plymouth, Thompson served four years with Epic Edge, an international technology consulting firm.
Prior to joining the company, Weir was senior vice president with Price Enterprises, Inc.
Agin attended Hunter College and Brooklyn Law School and entered the commercial real estate industry in 1972 by joining Sutton & Towne, Inc.