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I know that journalism largely consists in saying "Lord Jones Dead" to people who never knew that Lord Jones was alive.
It was because of that that I abandoned journalism, and took to so much duller work: tutoring and private secretaryship.
You believe that I have some show in journalism but none in literature?
One can't kick over the ropes if he's going to succeed in journalism.
He had tried journalism, he tried lecturing, he planned books which were never written.
The royal salute of British journalism thundered the announcement of Tinkler's staleness before a people prostrate on the national betting book.
Defoe's influence in helping to shape modern journalism and modern every-day English style was large; but the achievement which has given him world-wide fame came late in life.
My entry into journalism could not but strengthen the ties which united me to Rouletabille.
That's why I want you to cultivate journalism, my boy, and sign all you can.
Model Curricula for Journalism Education for Developing Countries and Emerging Democracies, UNESCO series on journalism education, UNESCO, Paris.
This commitment to professional journalism suggests that during NEP Soviet journalists possessed a multi-faceted corporate identity and that the Soviet press was not only a mechanism for disseminating propaganda.
Global Journalism Research" offers a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches for studying journalists and journalism around the world at a time when economic, political, and cultural forces are changing journalism dramatically.