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Yes, madam,' says the constable; and turning to the fellow 'Come, young gentleman,' says he to the journeyman, 'you must go along with us; I hope you are not above the constable's power, though your master is.
Then I proceeded to tell how the journeyman treated me; how they would not suffer me to send for any of my friends; how afterwards they found the real thief, and took the very goods they had lost upon her, and all the particulars as before.
As to the journeyman, he had very little to say, but that he pretended other of the servants told him that I was really the person.
But as to the breach of the peace committed by the journeyman, he told me he should give me some satisfaction for that, for he should commit him to Newgate for assaulting the constable, and for assaulting me also.
I warrant you,' says she, 'you shall make the mercer pay you #500 for damages, besides what you shall get out of the journeyman.
You're a foul shrew, Mother Gargery, growled the journeyman.
growled the journeyman, between his teeth, "I'd hold you, if you was my wife.
What could the wretched Joe do now, after his disregarded parenthetical interruptions, but stand up to his journeyman, and ask him what he meant by interfering betwixt himself and Mrs.
You might say it "takes a village" to launch a successful new journeyman toolmaker.
His late father, Des, was also a journeyman who fought modern great Prince Naseem Hamed during a 123-fight career, and it was his death from cancer aged 49 in 2010 that brought Gargano back to the gym after a wayward decade or so.
When people hear the word journeyman they think of a person prepared to lose.
Candidates must have a current Journeyman Line Worker Card to be considered for the journeyman electric line worker positions.