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There was some justification for Kim - he had kicked Lala Dinanath's boy off the trunnions - since the English held the Punjab and Kim was English.
In justification of this high praise I need only mention the names of the Rev.
Neither is the moral justification or condemnation of conduct aimed at here.
I am sorry to have incurred his displeasure, but can expect nothing better while he is so very eager in Lady Susan's justification.
When, a year later, Billy was born, she was swept up to that dizzy crest of rapture which, to finely attuned souls, is the recompense and justification of all their valleys.
On the side of the moral, we have certain justification for belief in the utterances of revealed religion.
Letters are good, when a man would draw an answer by letter back again; or when it may serve for a man's justification afterwards to produce his own letter; or where it may be danger to be interrupted, or heard by pieces.
I mention this small episode because it assumes some importance in view of the tragedy which followed, but I was convinced at the time that the matter was entirely trivial and that his excitement had no justification.
It was my business to visit this little-known back-country and to examine its fauna, which furnished me with the materials for several chapters for that great and monumental work upon zoology which will be my life's justification.
The aspect of this edge of the town was not entirely without justification for the doctor's hints about desolate moods and environments.
The sermon, as might be expected, was of the extremest antinomian type; on justification by faith, as expounded in the theology of St Paul.
At the back of his mind was a feeling that a real quarrel, in which each said to the other cruel things, would in some way be a justification of his behaviour.
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