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To pass the test of objective justification, the employer must provide evidence that the discriminatory practice based on age is justified.
Muslims in Indonesia (81 percent), Nigeria (78 percent) and Tunisia (77 percent) said suicide bombings or other acts of violence that target civilians were never justified.
The French finance minister, Pierre Moscovici, has justified the government's plan to ring fence banks proprietary trading while leaving hedge fund financing untouched.
Bringing him back at this stage cannot be justified and would create more problems than it solves.
It offers a characterization of moral epistemology (Chapter 1), and examines whether moral beliefs are truth-apt (Chapter 2), true (Chapter 3) and justified (Chapter 4).
At a minimum, it must demonstrate that the exercise of state coercion to enforce the outcomes of common law adjudication is justified.
An investigatory stop exceeds constitutional bounds when police extend its duration beyond the time reasonably necessary under the circumstances that justified the initial stop," the ruling added.
Therefore, it was not substantially justified for the IRS to reclassify these independent contractors as employees.
The Supreme Court ruled that the second pat down and the retrieval of the cigarette pack violated the Fourth Amendment as the search of Ybarra was not within the scope of the warrant and no independent grounds justified this intrusion.
Justified has not seen another horse in two races at Punchestown this season, making all for a nine-length win on his debut over fences before trouncing Wild Passion, a rival again today, by 14 lengths.
I would only add that nonviolence is even more central to justified civil disobedience than is "accepting punishment openly and respectfully.
Mr Straw was on the attack as soon as he stepped out of his car, insisting the rebate was justified when it was won by Mrs Thatcher in 1984 and was still fully justified today.