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JUTJutiapa (Guatemala territorial division)
JUTJournal of Urban Technology (Routledge)
JUTJilin University of Technology (China)
JUTJamaica Union of Teachers (est. 1984)
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Monte Carlo Grand Hotel, built in 1975, is a convention and resort complex whose seven polygonal tiers jut into the Mediterranean or overlook the grand Prix racetrak.
Yet while he is obviously transported by the transcendent grandeur of his observations, the silhouettes of buildings and trees that often jut from the margins of his images reveal a reassuringly earthbound willingness to take the rough with the smooth.
Some of these spicules form the tubular matrix on which the sponge's tissue grow, whereas others jut out a finger-length or two from the sponge's surface.
Their backs grow straight, their chins jut forward, their eyes shine high toward distant Paradise.
In fact, these bony masses are so large and jut out in such an unusual way that they bolster the classification of Neandertals and Homo sapiens as separate species, two anthropologists argue.
Two rows of painted-bronze sinks, each recycling its own water supply, jut out of the woods painted on the walls.
Large incisors at the front of the mouth jut out and apparently helped to crack open hard fruit and nuts before these foods were crushed and chewed by thickly enameled cheek teeth, according to McCrossin.
Who cares if athletes are ingesting stuff that makes their jaws jut out and their blood vessels constrict and their hearts enlarge when there's a cash cow to be milked?
AT THE top of our shady garden there is a platform that juts out into the sunshine.
A few years ago the roof of the ventilator, which was even then jutting out a foot on either side, was hit by a truck after which PWD engineers did a shoddy job of just covering up the ventilator with a fibre canopy that juts out even more," secretary of Soami Nagar RWA, Sanjeev Gulati said.
Bay: Curved part of a coastline where the water juts into the land.