kBqKilobecquerel (SI)
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At Fukushima, the adult exposure to Cs-137 was less than 12 kBq in all cases, and in children less than 1.
Inspiration for KBQ came from a desire to share a passion for Mughlai cuisine with a distinct "home-made" flavour.
Where C is the radon soil gas concentration for a field sample site in kBq [m.
Over the subsequent 74 d, the leaves mobilized 550 kBq of total label, or 89% of the seed's final [sup.
For this purpose, energy spectra measurements were performed using 740 kBq [.
To label nutrient pools derived from larval feeding, 37 kBq of glucose or amino acids (contained in a 1.
As the inert marker for water soluble nutrients we used 74 kBq [1,2-[sup.
60] fullerenes, water solubilized using PEG and albumin (18 kBq in 100 [micro]L), 98% were cleared in the feces within 48 hr, whereas the rest was eliminated via urine, indicating some uptake into the blood circulation (Yamago et al.
This was done by placing 250-mL water samples in clear glass bottles inoculated with 185 kBq (5 [Mu]Ci) [H.