kBqKilobecquerel (SI)
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Inspiration for KBQ came from a desire to share a passion for Mughlai cuisine with a distinct "home-made" flavour.
Where C is the radon soil gas concentration for a field sample site in kBq [m.
The measured soil gas radon concentrations varied significantly from 4 to 116 kBq [m.
All field sites sampled had measurable radon soil gas present in kBq [m.
KBQ options will trade on the March expiration cycle, with introductory expirations in May, June, September and December.
5 kBq body burden; no effect for workers exposed to less Abbreviations: AEA, Atomic Energy Authority; AWE, Atomic Weapons Establishment; nCi, nanocurie; kBq, kilobecquerel; TEC, Tennessee Eastman Corporation; SMR, standardized mortality ratio; UK, United Kingdom.
1, 1, and 2 pmol digoxin equivalents) or same amount of digoxin or ouabain were dried, reconstituted with 50 [micro]L of the same HEPES buffer, and incubated at 37 [degrees]C with 50 [micro]L of erythrocytes and 148 kBq (4 [micro]Ci)/mL [sup.