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Meanwhile, Abdo Khal told Al-Madinah newspaper that he has never heard of the music composer and that the similarity is simply a coincidence.
Abdo Khal won the $60,000 International Prize for Arabic Fiction (the Arab Booker) for his novel Spewing Sparks as Big as Castles, which is also known as She Throws Sparks.
Khal was also a pavement-pounding, deadline-crunching, workaday critic for a daily newspaper (this one) and a weekly magazine ("Monday Morning").
Though she is widely regarded to be one of the seminal artists of her generation, Khal was under no delusions of being able to support herself by painting.
I like my double life," Khal once told her fellow critic Cesar Nammour.
Undaunted, Nammour decided to publish another book devoted to Khal, this time focusing on her criticism.
Khal studied at the Art Students League in New York.
Five years later, Khal had her first solo exhibition in Beirut.
In 1972, Khal added "Monday Morning" to her writing schedule, but she left Lebanon, and criticism, in 1976.
Khal approached the artists she wrote about as a peer.
Tarek Khal talked about his relationship with his mother.
Khal, who was born in 1923, taught painting for almost ten years at AUB.