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KWELKilowatt Electric
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800 kWel CHP plant (2 modules), 1 400 kWth district heating stations (2 units 100% redundant), 500 kWth Central water heating (2 units WWB), 2,000 kg / h of steam generation (2 hours RDE), 2 700 kWth refrigeration machines (1 pc.
maar ek kwel my nie oor tydlose dinge want God het ook vir fibonacci uitgedink
5-acre parcel, which is known as the Ko Kwel Wharf.
The tribe is planning a $50 million waterfront retail development, known as the Ko Kwel Wharf, on the land, once occupied by a Weyerhaeuser mill.
cogeneration module 350 kWel fired with natural gas;
5 years reduced start-ups / shut-downs of the TEGPLC has developed a pilot prototype of 30 kWel, by which the technology potentialities have been demonstrated, has identified a strategic partner (LAMEP, a company operating in the field of precision engineering) and has defined a business plan with the assessment of the minimum viable product (MVP), the production cost and market price, a preliminary industrialization and commercialization plan.
Die Gesamtmanahme, deren Kosten berwiegend in der Gebudetechnik entstehen, beinhaltet die unterirdische Errichtung eines Blockheizkraftwerks mit einer maximalen elektrischen Leistung von 2000 KWel (2 x 1000 kW) und einer thermischen Leistung von ca.
The subject of the tender is the production and supply of cogeneration plants (CHP) with outputs of 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 kWel to the place of performance in the Czech Republic.
2 units CHP modules, each with 240 kWel and 370 kWth natural gas;
The projects targets at the development of a 5 kWel PoC prototype that will show the feasibility of the staged stack connection within a compact, production optimized, scalable and robust system concept.
3) A 1-3 kWel Up-THERM CHP prototype, to be installed and tested to assess the real performance.