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KMZKrasnogorsk Mekanicheski Zavod (Russian: Krasnogorsk Mechanical Factory; Krasnogorsk, Russia)
KMZKeyhole Markup Language, Zipped
KMZKeliai Masinos Zmones (Lithuanian TV show)
KMZKyivskyi Mototsykletnyi Zavod (Russian: Kiev Motorcycle Factory; Kiev, Ukraine)
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Un haut responsable de la police, Abdul Razzaq Cheema, a [beaucoup plus grand que]galement [beaucoup plus grand que]voqu[beaucoup plus grand que] la pr[beaucoup plus grand que]sence sur place de deux autres kamikazes qui auraient pris la fuite quand les forces de l'ordre sont intervenues.
Americans attached disgust and horror to the word kamikaze.
Meanwhile in Northern France, a joint Franco-Belgian anti-terrorist operation picked up a man on suspicion of having links to the Kamikaze Riders.
The fact is the city of Mabalacat built a statue honoring the kamikaze pilots
Japanese volunteered by the thousands to join the kamikaze corps.
In the author's latest work, he tells the amazing story of the Kamikaze attack that crippled the USS Bunker Hill, an American aircraft carrier off Okinawa, on 11 May, 1945.
The Loyalty Awards are presented by Carlson Marketing (Global leader in marketing services and brand loyalty programs) & Kamikaze B2B Media.
Kamikaze attacks of World War II; a complete history of Japanese suicide strikes on American ships, by aircraft and other means.
Over the last two or three years we have seen very wealthy owners become part of football clubs and therefore go on this kamikaze effort to spend their money," Ferguson said.
The sales director of one lager company calculated that after stripping out duty and VAT, the [pounds sterling] 9 deals would result in some suppliers losing up to [pounds sterling]6 per case, "I've been in the beer industry for 37 years and cannot remember such ruthless, kamikaze trading.
We can't afford the risk of Kamikaze Cameron and co-pilot Osborne.