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ROOKangaroo (short form)
ROORefined Olive Oil
ROORules of Origin
ROORub One Out
ROORight of Occupancy (legal right; various locations)
ROORead Only Operand
ROORoyal Oak Offshore (watch)
ROORenewables Obligation Order (UK)
ROOReturn on Objective
ROORules Of Order
ROOReal Object Oriented (computer programming)
ROOReturn On Opportunity
ROORecruiting Operations Officer (US Army Cadet Command)
ROORegional Outreach Officer (Australia immigration)
ROORichland Operations Office
ROORecord of Origin (Intel)
ROOResearch Opportunities Office (various schools)
ROOReserve Officer Orientation
ROORail Ordnance Officer (Australia)
References in classic literature ?
So they rode on, and the kangaroo hopped beside the red wagon and seemed quickly to have forgotten her loss.
You'll find plenty to eat there," declared the kangaroo, hopping along in big bounds because the Sawhorse was going so fast; "and they have a fine cook, too, if you can manage to put him together.
Some Munchkins came here a few days ago and matched a lot of people together," said the kangaroo.
So they stopped the Sawhorse and got out of the wagon, and, after bidding good bye to the kangaroo, who hopped away home, they entered the field and very cautiously approached the group of houses.
Dorothy told her how the kangaroo had lost her mittens, and Grandmother Gnit promised to set to work at once and make the poor animal another pair.
Erskine intercepted her in the hall as she passed out, told her that he should be desolate when she was gone, and begged her to remember him, a simple petition which moved her a little, and caused her to note that his dark eyes had a pleading eloquence which she had observed before in the kangaroos at the Zoological Society's gardens.
It must be so pretty with all the dear little kangaroos flying about.
There are lots of vulgar people live in Grosvenor Square, but at any rate there are no horrid kangaroos crawling about.
ICELAND has withdrawn kangaroo meat from sale after pressure from animal welfare activists.
ICELAND has pulled kangaroo meat from its shelves after a campaign by animal activists.
A kangaroo named Paul has become the oldest living tree kangaroo in the country.
Red Kangaroo with Joey in Linton Zoo -- CC via Flickr/Mrs Airwolfhound CAIRO -- 23 January 2017: Giza Zoo received on Monday two Red Kangaroos coming from Slovakia.