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KAPAKaraoke Anti-Piracy Agency
KAPAKnowledge at the Point of Action (sales concept)
KAPAKansas Administrative Procedures Act
KAPAKorea Animation Producers' Association
KAPAKansas Academy of Physician Assistants
KAPAKona Association for the Performing Arts (est. 2000; Kailua Kona, HI)
KAPAKatrina Affected Physics and Astronomy (community bulletin board)
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We look forward to building on our NGS offerings with this unique technology and the combined experience of Kapa and Roche employees.
The Kapa survey showed the far-right Golden Dawn party ranking third with 6.
Kakuli hanili musalinyana ni swanela kuziba ku kuza feela kapa kuziba za mwalapa feela, kwazieza luli, ba kenisa kuli ni muituti neni hupula kusa sinya sibupeho sa sikolo sa univesiti.
Their feeling wasthe price was not right," says Pascale Fifield, Kapa general manager, "In rechargeables, when the price goes over a certain level it doesn't work for them.
But some fans believe the even more ferocious - and controversial - Kapa o Pango version has been kept back for a game which some All Blacks fans continue to see as the tour's glamour tie.
KAPA secured pounds 1,500 from the PCT to organise the four days, which also gave advice about improving safety in the home.
The Kapa o Pango haka was introduced two months ago, updating the 'Kamate' haka used by generations of All Blacks.
The traditional Maori dance is a distinctive pre-match ritual of the visitors who have introduced a new version entitled Kapa o Pango where the team symbolically run their fingers across their throats at the end of the sequence.
The new toned-down version of the haka - the Kapa o Pango - cuts out the throat-slitting action, directed at the opposing team.
The hotel's Sea Ranch Cottages - plantation-style villas on a slope that sweeps toward the sea - were gutted and completely made over, their beige hues discarded for the bold tropical colors and textures found in Hawaiian kapa cloth.
Kapa Sana refers to a type of applique quilting done in Hawaii.
The introduction of traditional Maori performance art kapa haka as an academic subject was defended Monday by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) as more than a war dance before a rugby game.