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KATKategorie (German: Category)
KATKatalysator (German: Catalytic converter)
KATKnown Answer Test
KATKnoxville Area Transit
KATKappa Alpha Theta (sorority)
KATKids Around Town (Pennsylvania)
KATKids and Technology
KATKembata, Alabaa and Tembaro (Ethiopia)
KATKnown Answer Test (cryptography)
KATKaitaia, New Zealand - Kaitaia (Airport Code)
KATKölner Arabidopsis T-DNA Lines
KATKeyboard Automation Technology
KATKnowledge Acquisition Team
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Kat Moon returns to Walford this week despite her screen grandmother Mo (Laila Morse) claiming she was dead - and Jessie had a touch of nerves when she got back on set.
When race day arrives, Kat has car troubles that keep her from Anna's final practice session so Anna goes on the slopes on her own, but she falls when she feels Maddy watching her.
Kit Kat Chocolatory stores are known for their high-end chocolate offerings.
In the opening show Kat believes a dark-haired young farmer is her biological son.
Producer Maria Caruana Galizia said: "When Kat first sent me her ideas for STINE I knew it was a film I had to produce.
Angus Allan, who takes the lead on corporate finance, said he felt Kat would be an asset.
After Seth's arrest, Kat changed her story and said Lizzi had come to the flat that day but her death was an accident.
Kat leaves her market stall with Stacey, Shirley leaves the salon with Stacey so Stacey leaves Kat's stall with Mo.
London, April 8 ( ANI ): Japanese pizza chains have taken inspiration from Nestle's newly launched Kit Kat Bake bar and have come up with a Kit Kat pizza.
It's great to have her back, but even the most ardent Stacey fan will be wondering why she didn't just shout at Kat down the phone, instead of scampering around Albert Square without so much as a hat, or dark glasses to avoid being recognised.
Dubai: Kit Kat Arabia launches the Kit Kat Comedy Break competition in search of the best Arab comedian.