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KHCambodia (Khmer Republic; Internet top level domain)
KHKingdom Hearts (video game)
KHKrebs-Henseleit (Perfusate)
KHKill Hannah (band)
KhHydraulic Conductivity
KHKrebs-Henseleit Solution
KHKirk Hammet (lead guitar for band Metallica)
KHKatherine Hepburn (actress)
KHKenshin Himura (anime)
KHKnights Hospitallers (Knights of Malta)
KHKagome Higurashi (anime)
KHKarbonat Haerte (German: Carbonate Hardness)
KHKhamis/Higgins Reliability Model
KHKonnur High Road (Chennai, India)
KHKatie Holmes
KHKaufman Hall (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA)
KHKilowatt-Hours (also kWh)
KHKey Holder
KHKingdom Hall (Church of Jehovah's Witnesses)
KHKate Hudson (actress)
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I was obliged to get her to repeat it, for she spoke it the first time quite down my throat, in consequence of my having forgotten to take my mouth away from the keyhole and put my ear there; and though her words tickled me a good deal, I didn't hear them.
Then Peggotty fitted her mouth close to the keyhole, and delivered these words through it with as much feeling and earnestness as a keyhole has ever been the medium of communicating, I will venture to assert: shooting in each broken little sentence in a convulsive little burst of its own.
And I'll - I'll -' Peggotty fell to kissing the keyhole, as she couldn't kiss me.
The kind soul promised, and we both of us kissed the keyhole with the greatest affection - I patted it with my hand, I recollect, as if it had been her honest face - and parted.
Scrooge seized the ruler with such energy of action, that the singer fled in terror, leaving the keyhole to the fog and even more congenial frost.
Almost everyone knows how to interact using text messaging, so we created this open source platform to allow developers to create, manage, and integrate conversational-based applications and features," Keyhole Managing Partner & Principal Consultant David Pitt said.
However, over the last decade, new treatment options have evolved and can be delivered through a keyhole and relatively small tubes," he said.
Keyhole neurosurgery, the combination of modern microsurgical techniques, preoperative imaging, neuroendoscopy, and modern minimally invasive surgery concept, is one of the techniques representing the medical advancement from microneurosurgery to minimally invasive neurosurgery.
Technically the keyhole method is more demanding for the surgeon and you should choose a surgeon who does this frequently to be sure they are good at their craft.
The Keyhole Option covers a 6km long section of the Ankobra River and is strategically located at the intersection of three major regional gold mineralized trends:
Fresh back from his break, looking tanned and well, Kevin was one the first patients to take part in a new clinical trial at James Cook University Hospital which compares the results of conventional "open heart" surgery to repair a "leaky" heart valve, with keyhole surgery.
Speaking from Kochi, Dr Hafeez Rahman, chairman of Sunrise Group of Hospital, who was leading the team of surgeons, said: "This is a unique opportunity and a part of Dubai's endeavour to promote medical tourism to get the doctors and surgeons in this region acquainted with some of our patented keyhole surgeries.