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KGFKolar Gold Fields (Karnataka, India)
KGFKeratinocyte Growth Factor
KGFKaraganda, Kazakhstan (Airport Code)
KGFKilogramme Force
KGFNorthern Kingfish
KGFKnight of the Golden Fleece
KGFKnown Good Fiber
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Initially, during the colonial era, the British owned the mines in KGF and later the Maharaja of Mysore took them over before the federal government nationalised the mines and brought these under the administration of Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML).
The row over the KGF may fan the flames of the issue of the power plant in Koodankulam further as activists could launch scathing attacks on the government's proposals.
KGF has been running a TV commercial that shows a young man in his 20's serving coffee to his friends after dinner.
KGF tailors its origin purchases to those countries that Swedes prefer.
Research and development at KGF is organized under the auspices of the technology group, a division of the company that also encompasses quality assurance.
For instance, the $1-million air-handling retrofit reduced electrical consumption by two million kWh; saved $100,000 in electrical costs; and entitled KGF to a $900,000 rebate.
Declared sick and shut down in 2001 after 121 years, the government had last year cleared the proposal to revive the mines, after three Parliamentary Standing Committees to explore gold deposits in KGF submitted a report stating that at least three million tonnes of gold reserves lie unexploited.
Laboratory experiments showed that the fusion protein retained the wound-healing properties of both elastin and KGF and that it rapidly and efficiently self-assembled into nanoparticles in response to a simple increase in temperature.
Tenders are invited for Operation and maintenance of 2 nos of etp s at em division, beml, kgf.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Joystick for Mounted Gun System at BEML, KGF Complex
Limited Tenders are invited for Supplying and fixing coir and cushion mat at entrance of reception area of technical building at em division, beml kgf.