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KILLKilldeer (bird species Charadrius vociferus)
KILLKeep Inventories Low and Lean (business strategy)
KILLKeep prospecting, Instill prospecting, Live prospecting, Love prospecting (US Marine Corps recruiting slang)
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rear Blue Heron 5 15 12 Cattle Egret 0 4 0 White-faced Ibis 11 0 0 American (nor 92 28 88 Sandhill Crane 0 4249 4132 Killdeer 4 0 0 Semipalmatcd Plover 0 5 3 Black-necked Stilt 10 2 0 American Avocet 460 459 372 Solitary Sandpiper 0 4 0 Spotted Sandpiper 0 0 0 Long-billed Curlew 671 1805 829 Generic sandpiper 2916 703 660 Long-billed Dowitcher 0 3 22 Wilson's Phalarope 0 0 0 Laughing Gull 2 2 0 Ring-billed Gull 182 188 228 Herring Gull 0 0 0 Unidentified Gull 0 0 0 Caspian Tern 0 4 0 Total 8492 21.
The title story, "The Killdeer," stars a gutsy little bird that takes on an immense tractor and wins; it is touching and unpretentious, tempts David-and-Goliath comparisons, and could be understood to comment on the relationship of industry to the natural world.
The company said Peitz has led Heat Waves' geographic expansion and directed the opening and staffing of new service yards in Carmichaels, PA (Marcellus and Utica Shale regions), Killdeer, ND (Bakken Shale region), and Cheyenne, WY (Niobrara Shale region).
Featured wildlife included raccoon, southern flying squirrel, Virginia opossum, striped skunk, bobcat, gray fox, beaver, coyote, white-tailed deer, great horned owl, barred owls, eastern screech owl, American woodcock, killdeer, and great blue herons, as well as bullfrog, spring peeper, and gray treefrog.
The company has acquired several acres in Killdeer, North Dakota.
After a baseball field with erionite-containing gravel was closed in 2008 in the tiny town of Killdeer, N.
Additionally, killdeer nest and fledge offspring at the site, and bald eagles return to the site annually.
As I sat near the beach with an offshore wind at my back, I heard the piercing cries of killdeer and watched towering cumulus clouds out over the water moving like stately galleons into the West.
A tourist parked his battered sedan in a nearby garage moments before the Singaporean ambassador arrived in a five-car motorcade on Executive Drive; a small-business owner traveled from Killdeer, N.
Killdeer are small wading birds common to North and Central America.
The way a killdeer separates its wing, as if broken at the joint,