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KZKonzentrationslager (German: Concentration Camp)
KZKreedz (gaming)
KZKarazhan (gaming, World of Warcraft)
KZKilling Zone
KZNippon Cargo Airlines Japan (IATA airline code)
KZKnights of Zeratul (internet gaming guild)
KZKrystian Zimmerman (classical pianist)
KZKaput and Zösky (animated TV show)
KZKorkine-Zolotarev (lattice reduction algorithm)
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Officers continually need to remind themselves that, when entering the killing zone, they must become exceedingly aware of the increased possibility of injury to themselves.
While officers obviously must enter this killing zone to apprehend individuals, they need to realize that they may be reacting too quickly, misreading behaviors or actions of offenders, or missing danger signs or signals that offenders may send unintentionally.
Therefore, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, officers must exercise great caution to avoid being drawn into the killing zone.
Or, should they remain outside the killing zone (i.
Of the remaining 431 officers slain within the killing zone, the circumstances varied.
But books like Killing Zone should give the rest of us nightmares.
The plates were the size of killing zones of large animals: 5 to 15 inches in diameter.
Civilians had to be taken into consideration and given the opportunity to exit from neighborhoods generously salted with foreign fighters; neighborhoods that would shortly boil over into lethal killing zones.
But National Farmers Union President Meurig Raymond wants the killing zones widened.
The killing zones must be dismantled, and their architects discredited.