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KCKansas City
KCKilocycle (now kilohertz)
KCAirborne Fuel Tanker/Cargo (military aircraft designation)
KCKennel Club
KCKnights of Columbus
KCKansas City Chiefs (NFL football)
KCCasey (Harry Wayne Casey of KC and the Sunshine Band)
KCKing County
KCKelly Clarkson (singer)
KCKing Crimson (band)
KCKenny Chesney (country music artist)
KCKids Club
KCKaiser Chiefs (band)
KCKurt Cobain (late lead singer of Nirvana)
KCKern County (California)
KCKingston Communications (UK)
KCKing's College (UK)
KCKey Club
KCKeratoconus (medical; eye condition)
KCKings County (California)
KCKyocera Corporation
KCKing Crab
KCKing's Counsel
KCFracture Toughness
KCKings Canyon (California)
KCKupffer Cell
KCKent City (Michigan)
KCKalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
KCKey Concern
KCKnight Commander (game)
KCKey Customer
KCKeratinocyte-Derived Chemokine
KCKnight Commander (Orders of Chivalry)
KCKey Characteristic (process engineering)
KCKeiser College (Decatur, Georgia)
KCKnowledge Capital (economics)
KCKings of Chaos (gaming group)
KCKoprivnica, Croatia (license plate)
KCKreb's Cycle (biology)
KCKnowledge Category
KCKevlar Carbon (composite fabric)
KCKennel Club of Great Britain (original kennel club)
KCKonala Cartelli (Finnish hiphop group)
KCKatong Convent (Singapore)
KCKarnors Castle
KCKeppel Club (Singapore)
KCStrikeout Called (scorer's abbreviation)
KCKhmerconnection (Cambodian web portal)
KCKeyboard Cowboys
KCKept Child (adoption)
KCKanawha Central (railroad)
KCKaineng Center (gaming, GuildWars)
KCKilo Character (computer hierarchy memory measure)
KCKicking Center (long snapper on placekicks; pro football)
KCKnowledge Champion (leadership)
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In tests, a 4-node clustered configuration of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server containing a total of 32 CPU cores delivered a power rating of 560 KiloCycles, which equates to 560,000 round-trip queries per hour.
Testing has been continued to generate 18 mm crack length in the specimen, and kilocycles were reported.
In single-node operation, the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server with 8 CPU cores delivered a power rating of 147 KiloCycles, supporting the traffic volume of over 26,000 active users.
The tests show that an 8-CPU configuration of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server can deliver a sustained output power rating of 147 KiloCycles, which equates to 147,000 round-trip queries per hour.