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KWKey West (Florida)
KWKitchener/Waterloo (metropolitan area of Canada)
KWKanye West (rapper)
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KWKalenderwoche (German: calendar week)
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Demand Response (DR) Enablement--Incentives have increased from $200 per kilowatt saved to $800.
Until recently, they've been too expensive to build and operate, costing upwards of $3,500 per kilowatt versus the $1,000 to $2,000 cost of conventional fossil-fuel turbines.
Overall, the difference between the old series and the revised ones is small; however, the revised data for 1977--82 show a somewhat stronger cyclical pattern than do the earlier data, especially in the steeper decline in kilowatt hours now shown during the 1982 recession.
3 kilowatt ytterbium fiber laser engine built upon JDSU s proven 2.
3 cents per kilowatt was restricted to usage above the Tiers 1 and 2 basic residential usage levels.
One importance of this achievement is that it is above the energy concentration -- about 5 kilowatts per square centimeter -- needed to energize varieties of lasers that have many scientific technical uses.
22 million kilowatts; with additional wind power capacity of 15 million kilowatts installed in the same year.
They also proposed relaunching a medium program for solar arrays of from 25 to 500 kilowatts that had been shut since October 2013, when that program reached its capacity.
3 million kilowatt hours of energy annually, which could save the facility $286,000 in annual energy costs.
California residents, for example, can get rebates of up to $3,000 per kilowatt for installing an alternative power system.
8 kilowatt system on the Department of Environmental Protection's Southeast Regional Office in Norristown.
35 billion kilowatt / hours of electricity is being produced by the Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant (TPP) as compared to about 1.