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KINKingston, Jamaica (Airport Code)
KINKids in Need (Chicago, IL)
KINKatrina Information Network (Washington, DC)
KINKorea Information Technology Network
KINKomando Intelijen Negara (State Intelligence Command, Indonesia)
KINKit Identification Number
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I mistrust, though, there's ruther few things you kin do.
A little work will ease up your head, an' you kin tell us all abaout your dad an' your ma n' your money efterwards.
There's a rich lady of our family out at Trantridge, and mother said that if you claimed kin with the lady, she'd put 'ee in the way of marrying a gentleman.
There are none to care for a girl who is fatherless and motherless, and whose nearest kin are the offcasts of all honest people.
There were some Dodsons less like the family than others, that was admitted; but in so far as they were "kin," they were of necessity better than those who were "no kin.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Forging an agreement that will include cross-platform content, advertising and distribution opportunities, Ovation, America's only arts network, has partnered with Kin Community, an online community of lifestyle creators from around the world, to create Holiday Entertaining with Kin Community.
Kin Communications is one of Canada s leading full-service investor relations firms, based in Vancouver and owned by President & CEO Arlen Hansen.
Barnayha then moved to Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi as reservations manager, followed by a stint at Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates, before joining the team at Park Regis Kris Kin.
o de Kin, entradas explicativas de diccionario en las que se enfatiza la
It suggests that kin recognition through vocalizations was important for primate evolution," she said.
However, they refer to work by Kanazawa and colleagues which argues that kin, work, and school institutions are sources of strong mutual monitoring in Japan.
While Ikeda has denied involvement in the killing of Kin and robbery of the three victims, the prosecutors argued that he was involved in the planning in advance.