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After I was dressed, I explored the long cellar next the kitchen.
Indeed, it was an axiom with her that the cook can do no wrong; and a cook in a Southern kitchen finds abundance of heads and shoulders on which to lay off every sin and frailty, so as to maintain her own immaculateness entire.
Niggers is always talking about witches in the dark by the kitchen fire; but whenever one was talking and letting on to know all about such things, Jim would happen in and say, "Hm
said the tenant of the kitchen, in answer to an unheard speech of Nelly's.
Mother, Mother," said Moppet, "there's been an old woman rat in the kitchen, and she's stolen some of the dough
Everything in the kitchen leaped out, clearly visible in green and black, and vanished again.
Here then in his kitchen, the only room where a spark of fire took off the chill of a November evening, poor Peter Goldthwaite had just been visited by his rich old partner.
There was no one in the kitchen when Lisbeth entered and threw herself into the chair.
Then first came two white doves, flying in at the kitchen window; next came two turtle-doves; and after them came all the little birds under heaven, chirping and fluttering in: and they flew down into the ashes.
Against the dark background of the kitchen she stood up tall and angular, one hand drawing a quilted counterpane to her flat breast, while the other held a lamp.
From the dining-room, of which, though already seen, and always to be seen at five o'clock, the general could not forgo the pleasure of pacing out the length, for the more certain information of Miss Morland, as to what she neither doubted nor cared for, they proceeded by quick communication to the kitchen -- the ancient kitchen of the convent, rich in the massy walls and smoke of former days, and in the stoves and hot closets of the present.
The soldiers went out again, and the orderly, who had meanwhile had time to visit the kitchen, came up to his officer.