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KNOTSKids Nurturing Others Through Service (Pine Haven, Arkansas)
KNOTSKids Need Opportunities to Socialize (Saginaw, MI)
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This fact and the words that had cautioned me that danger lay beyond the KNOTS convinced me that the rope had been severed since my friend had placed it as my guide, for I had but passed a single knot, whereas there had evidently been two or more in the entire length of the cord.
But his mouth was full of soot and cob- webs, and he was tied up in such very tight knots, he could not make anybody hear him.
Except a spider, which came out of a crack in the ceiling and examined the knots critically, from a safe distance.
She tied a knot with flashing eyes, as if it throttled a foe.
demanded madame, tying another knot, as if there were another enemy strangled.
She was going at the speed of thirteen knots and a half.
The little knot of people towards Chobham dispersed.
And then, within thirty yards of the pit, advancing from the direction of Horsell, I noted a little black knot of men, the foremost of whom was waving a white flag.
But I found I was wrong, for as soon as I loosened the knot around his neck, he gave a long sigh and mumbled with a faint voice, `Now I feel better
White star in the forehead, one white foot on the off side, this little knot just in that place;" then looking at the middle of my back -- "and, as I am alive, there is that little patch of white hair that John used to call `Beauty's three-penny bit'.
Having taken a kerchief from the cupboard, Willarski bound Pierre's eyes with it and tied it in a knot behind, catching some hairs painfully in the knot.
Forty year ago, you had only to let down the bucket till the first knot in the rope was free of the windlass, and you heard it splashing in the cold dull water.