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LACYLegal Advocates for Children and Youth (Ann Arbor, MI)
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He has no but shouldn't the Teesside Crown Court heard Lacy was around oneand-a-half times the legal limit after officers breathalysed him.
Mr Lacy married his high school sweetheart, Mary Elizabeth Pauly, in 1969.
Lacy loves his city and even helped design the city logo with Miss Veedol prominently displayed on it (See sidebar).
His relationship with Lacy wasn't drama-free on the show.
Keith Rose, senior sales director at Close Brothers, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Ash & Lacy.
Calzaghe said, 'I could not have written a better script, to fight the best fight of my life on the biggest night of my life, but there are other things to be done and Lacy is in the past now.
Even the British sports books tabbed the American Lacy to win, and Calzaghe is from Hammersmith, England.
Despite Lacy promoter Gary Shaw's protestations, British Boxing Board of Control chairman Charles Giles demanded the 28-year-old either lose the facial hair or trim it ahead of the showdown.
And the Runcorn "Reaperman" tentatively concedes that he believes young American Lacy is destined to prove himself as the new world number one.
The initial November 5 date was postponed after Calzaghe suffered a hand injury, which drew a stinging rebuke from the Lacy camp who questioned the Welshman's true intent.
IBF and IBO champ Lacy is desperate to wrestle the mantle of super-middleweight king from Calzaghe and the outspoken Yank has sparked a war of words by implying the Welshman TRIED to injure himself in a warm-up bout.