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LADYA LAnguage for Distributed sYstems
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Cavendish's interest lies in the responses war evokes in women, and so she surveys wives' reactions to their husbands' departure for battle, from Lady Passionate's emotional displays to Madam Jantil's stoical acceptance.
But now the book shop is in the centre of a row after Banbury's mayoress said the lack of clothes on the fine lady meant it was obviously Coventry's Lady Godiva and not the character from the popular nursery rhyme
The Scissors Lady fixes me two pancakes and two round sausages and one scrumbled egg and a piece of toast with jelly and milk and orange juice and a doughnut but I tell her I don't like milk but she tells me all big boys like milk and aren't I a big boy now?
From the narrative emerges a Lady much of whose power comes from upper-class status and alliance with men who shared a particular intersection of class, ideology, and political interests.
But on one overcast wintry afternoon in December 1958, more than 90 of the students of Our Lady of Angels did not ever come home.
Official statistics revealed that one lady police performing duty in district Torghar, three in Hangu, four in Kohistan, five in Upper Dir, 15 in Kohat, 11 in Karak, 36 in Bannu, nine in Laki Marwat, 32 in DI Khan, 10 at Tank, 22 in Charsadda, 25 in Nowshera, 21 in Swabi, 51 in Mardan, 21 in Swat, 42 in Lower Dir, 43 in Chitral and 25 in Abotabad.
Sources said that lady prisoners were facing difficulties during their medical check up by male doctors and even certain lady prisoners had lodged complaints with the chief minister Punjab by sending letters to him highlighting their woes in terms of their treatment.
I really felt sorry for Ghana's First Lady, Lordina Mahama at the US-Africa Summit.
The first fourteen novels in the series, Lady Justice Takes A C.
The next day the same parrot again said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly.
THE LADY NEXT DOOR The Lady I love Is the Lady next door Is also the one I adore Her blue eyes I can't help but idolise Lil is her name Lil is in my heart I just never ever want us to part I'm a lucky man, for the lady next door That I also adore, is the lady that picked me Hopefully for ever more I'm a man on a mission To prove my love for Lil Hopefully one day I will So the Lady next door Is the one I love and admire Because she is the one I so desire So please Lil, the Lady next door Give me your trust And I will always adore Lil you will never regret The night that you met The man from next door Who always said idolise and adore.