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LAGLatest and Greatest
LAGLandesarbeitsgericht (German: National Labor Court)
LAGLagos, Nigeria
LAGLowest Adjacent Grade
LAGLegal Action Group (UK charity)
LAGLink Aggregation Group (IEEE standard)
LAGLiquids, Aerosols and Gels
LAGLocal Agency Guidelines
LAGLaufstall-Arbeits-Gemeinschaft e.V.
LAGLebensabschnittsgefährte (German: Common Law Spouse)
LAGLeft-Associative Grammar
LAGLakes Area GMRS Repeater Group
LAGLivid and Gifted (gaming clan)
LAGLive Action Gaming
LAGLaw Advisory Group
LAGLouisiana Anti-Scripting Group (gaming clan)
LAGLaunch Analysis Group
LAGLayered Auxiliary Graph
LAGLink Adapter Group
LAGLogical Applications Group
LAGLatin America Group (various organizations)
LAGLousy at Gaming
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The lag issues reportedly persist in some Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets.
The Poisson generalized additive model (GAM) was fitted to estimate single-day lag effects of air pollutant exposures on lag 0, lag 1, and lag 2 days.
A second implication for our explanation is that in periods of high informational asymmetry, the CDS market's lag should be longer as dealers then have greater pricing power vis-a-vis uninformed investors.
You are less likely to feel jet lag if you arrive at your destination in the evening and then stay awake until bedtime.
The X-ray in the ED showed medial migration of the lag screw (Figure 5).
2- Tout LAG contenu dans un recipient de plus de 100ml sera rejete meme si le recipient n'est que partiellement rempli
Present paper seeks to analyze the impact of inflation on economic growth of Nepalese economy by the methodology of distributed lag models by employing the annual data sets of GDP and consumer price index during the period 1975-2012.
LAG was set up in 2012 when Lanterna Alimentari, with EUR 38 million annual sales, and Agritech, with sales of EUR 42 million, merged.
Jet lag or other glitches in the host's biological rhythms throws the microbes out of sync.
Esto es lo que se esperaria que el ojo realizara para ver nitido el objeto; no obstante, el sistema visual emplea una cantidad de acomodacion diferente para enfocar el objeto (respuesta acomodativa); la diferencia (en dioptrias) entre el estimulo y la respuesta de acomodacion se denomina lag o retardo.
According to Friedman (1961) monetary policy affects economic conditions only after a lag that is a long as well as variable and length and variability of lag depend upon the economic and financial
Also, lag exclusion tests are applied to the VAR structure; optimal lag structures for VAR are chosen via Akaike Information Criterion and lag exclusion test results.