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LAICLesbian Archive and Information Centre (est. 1984; London, England, UK)
LAICLake Area Improvement Corporation (Madison, SD)
LAICLonghorn American Indian Council (Texas)
LAICLawfully Authorized Intercept Capability
LAICLarge And In Charge
LAICLearning Applications with Intelligent Content (Workshop)
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Wishing the teaching staff of schools was placed within the Law of the common teaching of the respective provinces and in order that all teachers had Argentine titles that enable them to dictate laic education, the J.
In the nowadays state, the Generality of the state--the common sense, the cohesive power that bonds the citizens--is not formed by religion, but from political laic aims.
Pour la mere Neonila, la construction de la maison n'est pas un moment ordinaire, mais un evenement auquel a participe toute la communaute des moniales et des laics, y compris le patriarche de l'Eglise orthodoxe lui-meme.
Laic organizations remain under the jurisdiction of the federal authorities.
Il divise son travail en six parties, analysant les structures de fonctionnement des communautes, leurs relations avec les pouvoirs religieux et politiques, leurs pratiques editoriales proprement dites, les rapports qu'elles avaient entre elles ainsi qu'avec des editeurs laics, enfin les aspects strictement commerciaux comme les tirages et les ventes.
On the off-chance you're not cool enough or totally down with the Homies to know about IF LAIC, it's the 68th International Federation of Library Associations and Institutes Conference at the SECC.
L'accent mis sur le leadership laic et le developpement humain integral dans les communautes rurales au cours des annees 1950 et 1960 contribua, il semble, a la formation de communautes ecclesiales de base avec des pasteurs laiques au cours de la periode de theologie de la liberation initiee quelque peu apres Vatican II.
Jebali assured, in answer to a question on Tunisia's laic nature.
The US policies in the Middle East have failed, Safavi said, adding that the Americans tried to install a laic regime in Iraq but failed and a Shiite government that majority of its members are Shiites came to power there instead.
The LAIC would like to respectfully remind landlords that by law they must give the tenant or tenants two months'notice,in writing,in order for them to find alternative rented accommodation.
The revival itself needed the ur ban, laic, secularly-minded, and rhetorically and legally sophisticated society of the north Italian communes to flourish.
These rating actions reflect LIG's excellent capitalization, strong profitability and solid underwriting performance achieved through its selective underwriting appetite and overall pricing flexibility through LAIC and LNIC.