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LAIRSLabor Agreement Information Retrieval System (United States Office of Personnel Management)
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They all knew where that place was, but few of the Jungle People ever went there, because what they called the Cold Lairs was an old deserted city, lost and buried in the jungle, and beasts seldom use a place that men have once used.
In the Cold Lairs the Monkey-People were not thinking of Mowgli's friends at all.
The great man-brute seated himself upon a flat rock--his throne, I imagine--just before the entrance to his lair.
The puppies knew no place to run except into the lair, and we headed them off.
That the two doctors and I should remain there, whilst Lord Godalming and Quincey found the lairs at Walworth and Mile End and destroyed them.
It was finally agreed that before starting for Piccadilly we should destroy the Count's lair close at hand.
The Lair of the Wolf is his refuge, but where he has digged it too plain, The Council shall send him a message, and so he shall change it again.
Ye must eat where it lies; And no one may carry away of that meat to his lair, or he dies.
For she knew that in the lynx's lair was a litter of kittens, and she knew the lynx for a fierce, bad-tempered creature and a terrible fighter.
Presently it became apparent that in a short time all the ferocious monsters might be peacefully slumbering, and thus a hazardous opportunity be presented to us to cross through their lair.
Tarzan goes to his lair by the big water," shouted the ape-man to the apes in the trees.
In the meantime the beasts within the cabin were warily examining the contents of this strange lair.