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LAMELAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder (Mike Cheng)
LAMELinux Administration Made Easy (by Steve Frampton)
LAMELess Ambitious MML Editor
LAMELake Mead National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
LAMELearning About MP3 (Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio) Encoding (educational tool)
LAMELicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Australia)
References in classic literature ?
I don't know what's the matter with him, but it is a great shame to send out a lame beast like this.
And who dared to lame an animal which belonged to my bondsman?
It stumbles, and gives you the most awful tosses, and it goes lame by its treadles and thingamejigs coming off, and it wears out, and is twice as much trouble to keep clean and scrape the mud off as a horse, and all sorts of things.
If this be true (and they affirm it with great confidence) it is much to be wished, that their observations were made public, whereby the theory of comets, which at present is very lame and defective, might be brought to the same perfection with other arts of astronomy.
His mother did not call him Lungri [the Lame One] for nothing," said Mother Wolf quietly.
I sought him long from place to place, but it was only to-day, when I expected it least, that I came across him, as much irritated with me as ever"-- So saying the tailor went on to relate the story of the lame man and the barber, which has already been told.
He began to walk frightfully lame, holding Pig-wig's arm.
Many of the horses were still so weak and lame, as to be unfit for a long scramble through the mountains.
She was a very light weight--so light, in fact, that the ridiculous idea crossed my mind that it was rather easier going up, with her in my arms, than it would have been without her: and, when we reached the road above, with its cart-ruts and loose stones--all formidable obstacles for a lame child--I found that I had said "I'd better carry her over this rough place," before I had formed any mental connection between its roughness and my gentle little burden.
Meanwhile Thetis came to the house of Vulcan, imperishable, star-bespangled, fairest of the abodes in heaven, a house of bronze wrought by the lame god's own hands.
Why, she is lame," said the Chevalier de Lorraine, stretching himself on his cushions.
This was Shere Khan, the Lame Tiger, limping down to the water.