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LARIATLaser Radar Intelligence Acquisition Technology
LARIATLong Range Radar for Intrusion Detection and Tracking
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And Tiffany goes all out to explore the concept of togetherness by featuring interlocking circles of gold at various points on long and delicate pendant chains and lariat chains you would never want to take off.
Lariat staff had covered the incident as a breaking news event.
The Christmas collection includes a range of jewellery, including this Grace Lariat faux pearl and crystal necklace for pounds 20 and matching earrings for pounds 15
Local artist Kinley Farrow has contributed several original jewelry pieces to the event, including a glittering crystal-embellished lariat and bra encrusted with white crystals, freshwater pearls and sterling silver angels in memory of her friend Dennis Brough, who died in August.
The week-long campaign, code-named Lariat, was spearheaded by four teams of police and council officials and followed a local-authority leaflet drop to 7,000 Peterlee homes.
Espousing in a Baylor publication a view that is so out of touch with traditional Christian teachings," he seethed in the next edition of The Baylor Lariat, "comes dangerously close to violating University policy.
expressed outrage over the editorial, citing university policy "prohibiting the advocacy of any understandings of sexuality that are contrary to Biblical teaching" Sloan, in a statement printed in the Lariat, said the administration "respect[s] the right of students to hold and express divergent viewpoints," then immediately contradicted that statement by writing "we do not support the use of publications such as the Lariat, which is published by this university, to advocate positions that undermine foundational Christian principles.
At the top is the Lariat which boasts features not usually associated with toting cow manure like heated leather seats, automatic climate control and cream-colored gauges.
Names from both sales events are entered into a drawing for a new 2003 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCab pickup truck.
Joe Mercer, racing manager to Saeed Suhail, owner of Golden Lariat
In 1994, she spent a month at the Lariat Psychiatric Clinic in Oklahoma, where she underwent therapy.
Scott was completing his workday as a lifeguard at Lake Lariat, some two miles away, when a security patrolman from the estates informed him of the Cooks' plight.