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LARKLivermore Amateur Radio Klub
LARKLivingston Amateur Radio Klub (Howell, MI)
LARKLost Arts Revival by Kreofsky (Kellogg, MN)
LARKLorain Area Racing Klub
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In the morning Friar Tuck awoke disposed to be surly, but was speedily mollified by the sight of the Black Knight, who had already risen gay as a lark, washed his face and hands, and was now stirring a hot gruel over the fire.
I went into my garden before breakfast and stood listening, but towards the common there was nothing stirring but a lark.
I heard the lark that hung in space, And Truth Eternal flashed on me.
In the clover-fields beyond the chestnut-trees, a lark was mounting up to heaven, while pouring out her clear morning song.
The warm winds whispered it days ago, and we are learning the sweetest songs, to welcome her when she shall come," sang the lark, soaring away as the music gushed from his little throat.
And in the morning, one will arise as fresh as a lark and look at the window, and see the fields overlaid with hoarfrost, and fine icicles hanging from the naked branches, and the pond covered over with ice as thin as paper, and a white steam rising from the surface, and birds flying overhead with cheerful cries.
I might mention all the divine charms of a bright spring day, but if you had never in your life utterly forgotten yourself in straining your eyes after the mounting lark, or in wandering through the still lanes when the fresh-opened blossoms fill them with a sacred silent beauty like that of fretted aisles, where would be the use of my descriptive catalogue?
Up with the lark, hymns and portions of Scripture had to be learned by heart till 8 o'clock, when there were family-prayers, then breakfast, which I was never able to enjoy, partly from the fast already undergone, and partly from the outlook I dreaded.
But come before the lark with its shrill song Has waked a world of dreamers.
Instructions to Captain Sowle of the Beaver- Fitting Out of the Lark.
No, no," said he; "the owl enters not the nest of the lark.
The fingers which drew it from the envelope were perfectly steady, he even lifted his head for a moment to look at a lark just overhead.