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LATULaboratorio Tecnologico de Uruguay (Uruguay)
LATULand Agents Tax Updates (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors conference; UK)
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After lengthy comparative testing and careful selection process, we have chosen Wavion as one of the main technologies to deliver wireless Internet access in the CEIBAL project," said Miguel Brechner, President of LATU.
We're proud to be selected by LATU for their pioneering OLPC project in Uruguay and honored in taking part in the OLPC vision and making it a reality," said Tal Meirzon, Wavion's CEO.
LATU, which is responsible of the CEIBAL Project (Conectividad Educativa de Informatica Basica para el Aprendizaje en Linea - Basic Informatics Educative Connectivity for Online Learning) and called for the tender, conducted a thorough technical evaluation of the laptops (the XO laptop from One Laptop per Child and the Intel Classmate) submitted by the two bid responders.
We are very much looking forward to the next phase of the CEIBAL Project and to bringing highly innovative education and an equal access tool to all school children in Uruguay," said Miguel Brechner, President of LATU.