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Reduce the cost of laxative prescribing associated with long-term chronic constipation
Now Carolyn, 45, a pensions administration from Childwall, is campaigning to have restrictions introduced on laxatives - raising the age of those who can buy them and the amount they can have.
Other health and vigilance issues: According to EMA, "the question of a possible carcinogenic risk of long-term use of anthranoid-containing laxatives is still open and the results of the more recent studies are inconsistent.
Decolorization is the process of removing laxative constituents from aloe vera raw materials during processing.
A therapeutic trial of fiber supplementation and/or osmotic or stimulant laxatives after discontinuing medications that can cause constipation and after performing blood and other tests as guided by clinical features, but before anorectal testing.
The first time I tried laxatives in 2007 it was because I felt guilty that I had eaten too much.
Referral to a gastroenterologist often follows a normal work-up (as described above), failure to respond to lifestyle changes and a laxative regimen.
It comes after the NPSA received reports of 218 patient safety incidents and one death between November 27 2003 and January 6 2009 involving the laxatives, which are also known as bowel cleansing solutions.
In other parts of the country, patients who cannot tolerate the laxative are turning to colonic irrigation practitioners in their communities--with their doctors' consent.
Other pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions, including many commonly prescribed laxatives, were categorized as "effectiveness not established" because the data related to their efficacy were conflicting or of insufficient quality.
Too much mineral oil, another popular laxative, can lower your body's ability to use key vitamins (A, D, E, and K).