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LFLow Frequency (30-300 kHz; 10-1km)
LFLooking For
LFLine Feed
LFLebanese Forces
LFLarge Format
LFLead Free (bullet)
LFLittle Fighter (game)
LFLake Forest (Orange County, California)
LFLethal Factor (microbiology)
LFLoad Factor
LFLace Front (wigs)
LFLeft Foot (dance)
LFLogical Framework
LFLeft Front
LFLoaf (street type)
LFLife Fellow
LFLeonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic president)
LFLinux Format (UK magazine)
LFLatex Free (latex allergies)
LFLöschgruppenfahrzeug (German: fire department)
LFLuminosity Function
LFLinear Foot
LFLabor Force (economics)
LFLive Feed (film)
LFLoi de Finances (French: Finance Law)
LFLive Fire
LFLymphatic Filariasis
LFLife Force
LFLiberation Front
LFLife Form
LFLong Float (C programming language)
LFLoop Filter
LFLocationFree Player (Sony WiFi base)
LFLove and Friendship
LFLanding Force
LFLove Forever
LFLargest Frame
LFLate Fee
LFLaunch Facility (USAF Minuteman missile)
LFLadle Furnace (metallurgy)
LFLate Finish
LFLilith Fair
LFLight Fantastic (book by Terry Pratchett)
LFLine Fit
LFLight Fine
LFLight Face
LFLine Finder
LFLoud Family (band)
LFLocally Funded
LFLiver Flush
LFLucio Fulci (director)
LFLa Farola (Revista cultural de los Maristas de Alicante y sus alumnos)
LFLegendary Frog (Flash movie maker)
LfFree-Space Loss
LFLoud Fan
LFLissajous Figure
LFLutece Falco
LFLow Forage
LFLedger Folio
LFLogistics Function
LFLeft Field(er) (baseball)
LFLucas Films Ltd.
LFLeft-Arm Fast (cricket; also seen as LAF)
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LEAFLETS explaining recycling in Liverpool have been sent out to thousands of residents - covered in non-recyclable plastic wrapping.
HOUSEHOLDS are likely to have found plenty of 'vote for me' leaflets on their doormats.
In an email, CSCJES lead director Christopher Bradshaw said: "As the Consortium did not have the consent of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to use their name in the leaflet, it has been agreed with the Royal College, to remove the leaflet from the Consortium website and the Royal College has offered to support the Consortium with future attendance campaigns.
The Cochrane Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, based at Cardiff University School of Medicine, has compiled information from the latest research to create the "CORE" information leaflets.
Intrepid Media staff deliver on average about 10,000 leaflets in seven to ten days.
THOUSANDS of leaflets are being sent to homes in Coventry - telling people how to put their bins out correctly.
The leaflet of the Tourism Police Section is in Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Tagalog, Hindi and Urdu.
With help from the local authority's road safety officers, the Year 6 students designed the leaflets while learning about National Road Safety Week.
A leaflet was distributed on the eve of the by-election for Llanbedrgoch in July, which was won by Plaid member Vaughan Hughes.
Multiple studies in animal mitral valve tissue showed mitral valve leaflets are stretchable tissue: anterior leaflet experienced large, anisotropic and stretched during closure.
The all Wales mental health helpline, CALL, funded by Welsh Government and hosted by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is endorsing the new leaflet produced by The Royal College of Psychiatrists.
A linear regression analysis was performed to examine the relationship between the leaf blade area and the leaflet linear measures of the three kinds of leaflets, according to the equation Y = a x (X) + e, where Y indicates the estimated leaf blade area value while X indicates L x W value, so that a expresses the equivalent percentage of L x W corresponding to the real leaf blade area, and e is the standard error associated with observation Y.