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LEKSLab for Enterprise Knowledge and Systems (Rome, Italy)
LEKSLower Echelon Knowledge System
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This study was conducted on Sage-Grouse from 3 leks in southeastern Alberta, Canada (Fig.
Adult male Black Grouse on lek Picture: ANDY HAY rspb-images
The researchers found that in the area where the two manakin species come together, females are attracted to yellow-collared males more than to white-collared males, but only when there are lots of other yellow males within leks.
The females raise the young alone and while males will return to their father's lek the female insists on finding another lek within 20 miles in search of a mate.
Recently, it has been shown for the northern sharp-tailed grouse, Tympanuchus phasianellus phasianellus, that males occupying central territories on leks were in better body condition than their peripheral counterparts (Tsuji et al.
Because vocalizations of males on leks are a reliable indicator of presence of this species, a survey to determine location of active leks would provide valuable insight into current status of populations.
At one lek site in Russia in 1961, some 200 males were recorded - a figure which represents the largest number of makes ever recorded at one lek.
Male leks have raised theoretical puzzles, Turner says.
The US dollar was traded openly at 90 leks per dollar and Colombian bananas were sold, for 10 leks each, on local trains and at many street corners.