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LRLiving Room
LRLower Right
LRLeft Rear
LRLong Rifle
LRLand Rover
LRLiberia (country code, top level domain)
LRLloyd's Register (various locations)
LRLikelihood Ratio
LRLearning Resources
LRLive Rock (type of coral rubble used in aquariums)
LRLong Reach (fiber)
LRLogistic Regression (statistical analysis)
LRLower Risk (IUCN Red List of Threatened Species category)
LRLinear Regression
LRLaser Rangefinder
LRLight Rail
LRLoadRunner (testing software from Mercury Interactive)
LRLa Rioja (Argentina Province, airline code)
LRLabor Relations
LRLabrador Retriever
LRLessor (IRB)
LRLoss Ratio
LRLärarnas Riksförbund (Sweden)
LRLanguage Resources
LRLa Resistance (wrestling tag team)
LRLow Rider
LRLinear Response
LRLloyd's Register of Shipping
LRLode Runner (game)
LRLocation Register
LRLeft Recursive (grammar parsing)
LRLast Ride (wrestling finishing move)
LRLactated Ringers
LRLine Receiver
LRLease Rental
LRLapse Rate
LRLong Radius (pipe elbow)
LRLimited Release
LRLatching Relay
LRLightspeed Rescue (Power Rangers)
LRLineas Aereas Costarricenses (Costa Rica, IATA airline code)
LRLovely Rita (Beatles song)
LRLevel Recorder
LRLoudness Rating
LRLatvian Republic
LRLine Relay
LRLine Repeater
LRLow Release
LRLet Ring (guitar playing technique)
LRLow Rate Data (observations taken once every ten seconds)
LRLethal Radius
LRLabelled Release
LRLine Reversal
LRLetter Requirement
LRLorry Receipt
LRLex Romana (Latin: Roman Law, epigraphy)
LRLuther Reigns (WWE wrestler)
LRLocal Repeater
LRLinked Ring
LRLow Repetitive
LRLogical Region (US Army battle field modeling)
LRLet's Rocket (Power Rangers)
LRLocation Refinement
LRLake Rathetear (Everquest)
LRLadies Representative (colleges of India)
LRLeave Rations
LRLogger's Run (amusement park ride)
LRLuise-Reggiannini (synchronization algorithm)
LRLabor Recap Report
LRLiceo Rotterdam (Guatemala school)
LRLimited Review (various organizations)
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This illustrates the weak credit quality of some airlines even in a benign market environment, as well as the dangers for lessors of significant airline customer concentration.
Other points to note specific to the Cape Town Convention in the UAE are that if interests are registered on the international register and create international interests (as defined in the Cape Town Convention) over the aircraft and engines, no other filing, registration, submission or governmental approval is necessary to perfect or protect the rights of the lessor and lessee to the aircraft, and such international interests will be effective against third parties in the UAE.
The Export-Import Bank of the US's (Ex-Im) cessation of new lending activities does not have an immediate impact on aircraft leasing companies given the broad market access they currently enjoy; however, a permanent loss of Ex-Im would eliminate a contingent funding source for these lessors.
Japanese-owned SMBC Aviation Capital is Asia's biggest lessor, with a fleet valued at $9.
Instead, the exceptions reflect different lessor business models.
From an accounting perspective a finance lease will often appear in the lessor's accounts as a loan owed by the lessee to the lessor, and in the lessee's accounts as an asset and debt due to the lessor for the rental and other payments due.
A lessor who is a registrant is eligible to claim an ITC for GST/HST paid on vehicle repairs for a leased vehicle covered by an insurance policy, if the lessor is the recipient of the repairs and the other conditions in section 169 respecting ITCs are satisfied.
The lessor recently learned that the lessee has transferred the equipment and the lease obligations to one of its corporate affiliates.
If the loss to the car results from fraudulent acts or omissions on the part of the named insured, CA 20 01 declares that the interest of the lessor is not covered.
The lessor owns the car, unless the lessee options to buy it at the end-of-term or refinances the remaining amount.
RENTAL AND OTHER PAYMENTS: A lease also will contain a provision that describes the rental and other payments you're required to pay the lessor during the term of the lease.
Bancorp negotiated with the lessor the right to cancel the lease early in exchange for a $2.